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Vertmax Duo turf pigment and grass colourant buy in Sydney Metro Area
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Vertmax Duo turf pigment and grass colourant

Vertmax Duo turf pigment and grass colourant

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Vertmax® Duo turf pigment with QDT.

Vertmax® Duo  pigment is the same concentrated pigment plus a unique bio - stimulant package. When you use this at  label rates  has several plant health benefits.

For example, bent and winter grass can only utilize a certain amount of light which is in the 400 - 500 μmols m2 s - 1 range. Above this  light intensity  and turf becomes photosynthetically saturated which can occur during summer months when light intensities are often over 2,500 μmols m2 s - 1. This affects turf performance, wear tolerance, and disease resistance.

With the use of a turf pigment, it is able to absorb and transmit a given light wavelength and reflect a different one. So when you use Vertmax® pigments, they still allow for PAR light transmission but at a reduced light intensity. The end result is a healthier turf surface as most UV light is either absorbed or reflected.

The benefits of Vertmax® turf pigments:

  • Vertmax® Duo shades turf and reduces light stress, so reducing plant stress;
  • It increases surface temperatures during cool conditions;
  • They all have great tank compatibility which means they are an ideal tank mix partner for  turf chemicals ;
  • Increase  seed germination and growth ;
  • They improve turf establishment rates;
  • Increase lateral root branching and lastly
  • They increase your turf quality in comparison to other pigment - containing products.
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Vertmax Duo turf pigment and grass colourant
Vertmax Duo turf pigment and grass colourant
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